Does your dream car seem like an unattainable goal for the near future? Get the Ford car, truck, or SUV you want now with Ford Flex Buy. Milwaukee area drivers can slide into the driver's seat of the Ford model they desire, no matter the price. Learn more about this exclusive payment program by reading on.

What is Ford Flex Buy?

Drivers in the Milwaukee area who decide to sign up for the Ford Flex Buy program can take home the car, truck, or SUV they want, loaded with the advanced features that many drivers desire. Flex Buy is a Ford Credit-exclusive payment structure focused on providing lower payments for the first three years when compared with a standard retail contract.

The Ford Flex Buy program is offered with 66- or 75-month terms. Your first 36 months of payments are discounted by 15% or 18%, while higher later payments allow for your full balance to be satisfied.

  • The first payment schedule is 36 months. These payments are lower than those of a comparable 60-month contract.
  • The last payment schedule is 30 months. These payments are higher than the first 36-month payments.

Use the table below as an example of a Ford Flex Buy payment schedule:

Amount Financed*

First 36 Months

Next 30 Months

Avg. Flex Buy Payment

Comparable 60-Mo. Payment





















[Assumes an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 6.9%. Figures are rounded to the nearest dollar. *After 10% down payment.]

The Benefits

  • No mileage limitations
  • Freedom to customize your vehicle
  • Lower payments for the first three years
  • Build equity with each payment
  • Two term choices
  • Two payment discount choices


Why Choose Uptown Motors Ford?

Whether you choose to use the Ford Flex Buy program or traditional financing, the finance experts at Uptown Motors Ford in Milwaukee area more than willing to assist you with the financial process that comes with buying a new vehicle. 

We welcome all of your questions about the Ford Flex Buy plan. Get in touch with us online or by calling 888-432-1613.